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Central Monitoring Services
Date Submitted: 05/12/2022 08:58 AM

Central station monitoring is a service that ensures the appropriate authorities and personnel are notified immediately, in the event that your fire protection, security, or life safety system is triggered. A central station is a 24/7 center staffed with highly trained operators who respond immediately to any incoming alarm event.

In the event that your system alarms go off, an alert is sent directly to the station. Modern fire protection and life safety systems use cellular or IP connections to pass the signal to the central station in just seconds. When the central station receives the alert, they assess the cause and immediately contact the appropriate emergency response personnel.


What’s the Benefit of a Central Monitoring Station Service?

Central station monitoring provides continuous, 24/7 monitoring of your building or facility. No matter when an alarm comes through, whether it’s the middle of the workday or the night of a holiday, CMS ensures your facility is always protected.


Central Monitoring Station provides:

- 24/7 monitoring of your building

- Fast response to any alert

- Ability to immediately dispatch appropriate authorities

CMS is a required service for many industrial fire protection systems, and it’s highly recommended for both security and life safety systems as well. When you work with a quality central station, you ensure you always have qualified, highly trained personnel monitoring your building, ready and able to respond appropriately should an alarm sound.


What Services Does a Central Monitoring Station System Provide?

While central station monitoring is most commonly associated with fire protection systems, it’s a service that extends to life safety and security systems as well. It’s also good to know that central monitoring stations can monitor for more than just an alarm. Many quality central stations also assess alerts that identify system malfunctions or a need for service, helping you ensure your fire protection and security systems are always functioning as they should. A few common services a central monitoring station can provide include:


- 24-hour constant monitoring

- Instant alerts for fire system actuation

- Instant alerts for break-ins, burglaries, or security breach

- Alerts or any issues that may indicate a system is experiencing failure


Additionally, we provide a variety of monitoring services for clients, which include:

- Commercial/Residential Alarm

- Fire/Life Safety Protection

- Industrial + Environmental

- Local/Wide-Area Network

- Remote Video